D.I.Y Day

First things first (I'm the realest...) please excuse the messy bed in the background, it was a kind of wake up and decide to DIY IMMEDIATELY. I'm very impatient.

I've been wanting ripped eans for ages now, and this morning I just thought hey, what bout those old jeans that I never really wear anymore, they'd be perfect! It's so easy to do, just mark them where you want to cut, then make a small hole big enough to fit your fingers into, and tear it lengthwise to get the real ripped look and not a clean look of a cut. then pull at the edges a little to get the threads pulled out and voila! Ripped jeans. I think I'll dye these black soon as I don't really like the very blue colour of these jeans, originally from Penneys.

These were white MOTO jeans from Topshop, years old and unfortunately I managed to get makeup on one of the knees. Well done me! So I decided to dye them "Rosewood red" from Dylons machine dyes. They turned out quite nice and i like how the threading is all still white giving it a little more depth I think. With boots and a chunky jumper I think these will be great for Winter! What do you guys think?