In the Nude

Not actually, but almost! This dress was SUCH a bargain, I couldn't leave it behind. I had a moment, I saw across the TK Maxx shop floor and everything went all blurry, like a dream. I was expecting to be brought back to reality with a bump when I looked at the pricetag only to find it was €6. SIX EURO. I couldn't believe it, it was fate! I decided to style it a little differently than I usually would a maxi dress. I'd tend to go for flip flops or Birkenstocks and leave it very simple; but for this I went the extra mile. I added this felt fedora from Penneys with a brown plaited leather band, and I really think this gave the outfit a total 70's feel! I know a floppy hat would have been better but I'm all out of those! The cut out boots give it more of an edge and I think this way you can take the maxi dress from Summer to Autumn. I went for minimal makeup to go with the nudey tones of the dress, wearing the Shattered Face Case from Urban Decay eyeshadow and Shy Girl lipstick. As you can see from all my silver rings I love them. I have this thing, when I go to a foreign country I have to bring home at least one silver ring. Just a habit! But I love how they look when they're all stacked together and piled on, and you don't have to worry about your fingers turning green!