You Decide

You Decide Who You Are is definitely one of my favourite clothing brands. Great graphic tees and great quality material. I love the idea behind the brand name, "Its up to you to decide who you are and who you want to be".  I can't wait to get my hands on some of their new line, "Be Your Own Hero". Just have to wait for some dollah dollah bills to come my way... This "Abandoned House" sweater is great, so comfortable and great fitting, and I also have a weird thing for triangles so its perfect! Its great with jeans or leggings, these abstract graphic ones bring some life to a monochrome outfit. Teamed with my trusty chunky cut out boots, this is a great daytime casual outfit. I'll add a vintage denim jacket over this on colder days. My hair's in a simple half updo, and a few chunky rings finish up the outfit. As standard, some dark lipstick finishes my otherwise simple make up.

Sweater ~ YDWYA
Leggings ~ Monki
Boots ~ Salt & Pepper
Rings ~ Camden Market
Necklace ~ ASOS
Lipsticks ~ Sephora Crush