I'm all black and blue; DIY endeavors part 2

Yet another DIY experiment and I'm really happy with how it turned out! I was thinking to myself how I really wanted a pair of black denim shorts, went on a bit of a hunt but nothing really caught my eye. Both shorts are from Penneys and were on top of a pile about to head off to the land of charity shop goodness, and I had a rush of inspiration... more dying!! It's so easy to just throw clothes out but if you look at them and think about what they can be made into you'd be surprised! I dyed both these shorts pictured and also the blue jeans I blogged in my last DIY post. I added two packets of Dylon machine dye to make sure they got enough colour, I wanted them really dark, and Bob's your Uncle, I had three new items for my wardrobe, and all for the price of two packets of dye from the chemist. Well aren't I the thriftiest thrifter? I can't wait to pair the shorts with some graphic tshirts, baggy shirts and chunky boots for winter. 
Before you throw out that black sack full of old clothes, have another look, you'll never know what you could come up with!

THIS is the exact dye I used, so handy just throw it in the washing machine, no salt or pre dye needed and off you go!