Lazy days at Hogwarts

My friend once tole me I'm a secret nerd. And I agree. I'm a big book reading, movie watching and series following nerd. If I get into something, then that's it. I'm hooked. So its no surprise when I saw this tshirt in Penneys for €8 it went straight into my shopping basket. This is a typical lazy day outfit of my when I'm just at home relaxing or doing errands in town or whatever. I originally planned this outfit with jeans but leggings will win over jeans in the comfort stakes every. Single. Time. I personally find H&M leggings to be the best, they don't wear out and go see-through too quickly and holes area at a minimum. A wooly scarf and cardigan are always welcome to me, and when you're sitting around relaxing and watching tv etc you tend to get a bit chilly from lack of movement. (hours of lack of movement but we'll move on) Hair up, glasses on, this is a ready made lazy day outfit.

Tshirt - Penneys
Leggings - H&M
Cardigan - Vintage
Scarf - Monki
Boots - Penneys