The Optimist

These are the jeans that I ripped in my first DIY post, I finally dyed them black and I like how they came out, more like really dark denim than black but I like the over all look! I paired them with this knit vest top which is a cool transitional item, it has the material of Autumn and the shape of Summer, what more could you want?! And I love love love this bomber jacket, the contrasting sleeves and quilted details make it! I added my fedora and this amazingly fab Sagittarius coin necklace. I love all things Horoscope-y and Astrological-y so when I saw this beauty I knew I needed it. It says "optimistic" on the flip side which is a Sagittarius' best trait! Since I've moved most of my clothes and shoes to my college house it's a little tough to put things together when I'm at home but hey, I'm pulling through!

Bomber - H&M
Vest - H&M
Jeans - Custom ( Penneys)
Fedora - Boohoo
Shoes - Penneys
Necklace - Dixi