Ripped Jeans and Big Dreams

It's about that time of year when you can still see the sun but can't feel it so much. These are my favourite days, cold and crisp but bright. I paired this coat with these jeans to show that this shape doesn't need t be prim and proper, you can give it an edge too. I've never thought of wearing boots and jeans together like this, I would always wear the jeans tucked in but I really like how this looks now, I think I'll wear it more often. Chelsea boots are a seasonal steady, they always come back every Autumn time in different shapes but still the classic Chelsea idea. This fur snood is years old and never lets me down, fur is another one that always comes back around come Winter time. A fur snood or collar is good for those who aren't brave enough to wear a full fur coat, it's more like an accessory than a main focus. I've been pretty busy lately with college and trying to get things sorted for the future... I have a lot of plans but I'm not sure how to get there just yet!

Coat - Penneys
Jeans - Bershka
Boots - Penneys
Necklace - Bik Bok