The Moonchild

The day we took these pictures the weather was SO BAD, like lashing rain, so we had to take the pictures inside, so excuse the background! I love this acid wash dress, I got it at the end of the summer because I knew it would be perfect for this time of year with a jumper over it or a shirt underneath it. Chelsea boots are honestly my favourite style this season, so fashionably and sleek but can also be chunky and edgy. Love it! This oversized cardigan is great, it's so 90's witchy or something; makes me feel like one of the girls from The Craft! I'm so getting in the mood for Halloween, and this hat and necklace from Moonchild are helping that along; I love crescent moon jewellary and prints lately, it must just be the Halloween vibe this whole October! Their jewellary is amazing and so inexpensive but still great quality, and the beanie is amazing quality too; so thick and warm. I love the pentagram and crescent moon they worked into their name too! Amazing, need to get my hands on their new t-shirt soon!

Hat/ Necklace - Moonchild
Dress - H&M
Cardigan/ Boots/ Scarf - Penneys