This could be my favourite outfit from my whole weeks in Prague, so simple and so warm, but still stylish! I'm in love with turtle necks for this season, every time winter rolls round I take out my trusty black turtle neck. They are so easy to wear and warm and so wintery; they can be worn with anything as well. I wore a LBD over my thin black turtle neck on this day and then kept warm with my amazing tartan cape, honestly it is like a blanket it is so warm and so so soft! As I said a few posts ago, tartan capes are a big deal for this season, I was feeling particularly wintery on this freezing day so I wore my fur headband to keep my ears warm and I felt like a Russian princess or something! My knee high boots kept me warm and comfy all day and this golden oldie of a bag finished off my almost all black ensemble. This day we roamed around downtown Prague for a while to see the Dancing House and then the old-town. It was super foggy and dark which actually gave it such an amazing atmosphere; my outfit matched the weather!