Happy Food Coma Day

If you're anything like me you'll be feeling like the biggest slob and unable to function properly after all the ham and turkey today and yesterday. In this situation, if I'm not all cosied up in my onesie (which I LOVE) I'm comfy in a huge jumper and leggings. This jumper is so thick and warm, it had like a kind of extra layer or something on the inside; so soft. I love the floral pattern too and how it is kind of contrasting from back to front. It's a great length, long enough to wear with leggings and not show off your butt which is always a positive with leggings! I do love my cut out boots but some days it's just a little too chilly for them on their own, so I added a pair of all black socks with little white details to separate between the socks and leggings. All in all one of the most comfy outfits of all time! Hope everyone had a great Christmas day and are feasting on all the left over turkey and ham and roasties!

Jumper/ Leggings - H&M
Socks - Penneys
Boots - Salt & Pepper