Makeup Monday! Real Techniques Brushes

This week I wanted to do a post on my Real Techniques brushes. I usually used to use just cheap old foundation brushes from pharmacies  or even Penney's, but I've realised the investment is definitely worth it. These brushes are amazing, and really good value considering you get four in the pack. This one is the Core Collection with a buffer brush, contouring brush, foundation brush and detailer brush. I love the buffer brush it's perfect for setting your foundation with powder and smoothing everything out. Being me, I decided that I would use the contouring brush as a foundation brush and honestly I prefer it! Before I had this set I was using a cheapie stippling brush and I don't think I could ever go back to using a normal flat foundation brush! So using the contour brush for my foundation is working out perfectly, I use the foundation brush to fill in around my eyes and smaller places like that. The detailer brush is great, I don't know how I've lived without it! Its perfect for around the brows, fixing lipstick mistakes (could also be used as a lipstick brush!) and I use it for concealer too! So many uses in one little brush! I really love the orangey/ rose-gold tones of the brushes, they look really classy but they still have a good grip right on the end! Really want to try out some more of their products, especially the new Bold Metals collection!