Urban Decay Naked 2

I've decided I want to do more beauty posts than what I've been doing but I'll keep them pretty short. I love makeup and experimenting with different looks and brands, but there's always one you can't help returning to. For me its  Urban Decay eye shadows and a golden - brown eye. I have loved Urban Decay cosmetics, particularly the eyeshadow for years now, and I've built up quite a collection; but somehow I never got around to getting any of the Naked palettes. So this Christmas Santa/ my Dad brought me Naked 2 and I LOVE it. I wear it literally every single day, you can get so many looks out of it and it carries over from day to night. All the Naked palettes are amazing, since getting this one I'm thinking I'll need to invest in all of them from now on! The brush is great and It's actually the first time I've used and loved a brush that came with a palette; it has one thinner, flat side great for liner and contouring along the eye socket and a thicker one great for overall application. The pigment of these shadows is great as usual from U.D, I love how most of them have a shimmer to them, there are two matte shades (foxy and tease, which I actually use to fill in my eyebrows now!) but the rest of beautifully shimmery which I love from eyeshadows. In all it's a fantastic palette, I wouldn't expect any less from Urban Decay and I'll definitely be getting more from the eyeshadow range.