Makeup Moday! Inglot collection

I was a die-hard MAC lipstick fan first, then I moved on to Sephoras super pigmented goodness, and now I've arrived here, at Inglot. Their lipsticks and lip pencils are AH-mazing.
They have lipsticks also, but I've become addicted to their lip pencils. There is so much product in them when you wind it all the way down, and I find them great for accuracy! Because of the skinny-ish tip, mistakes are a thing of the past! The two I have a relatively similar, one is quite a pumpkin-y colour I would call it, while the other is a lovely nude/brown shade - great for the Kylie Jenner lip look. At €13 a pop these are well worth it!
The Freedom System to me is the best idea ever. You buy the palette - they go from 1 up to 40 spaces, or you can mix and match with room for powder and blushes too - and then you fill it up as you please with what you like. I know you can do this with a few other brands but this is the first I've actually tried it with. The thing that gets me is the price. Lipstick and eyeshadow pans are €6-8, blush is €9... you can't go wrong. I have three lipsticks and one eyeshadow in my Freedom System Palette. The dark brown is 504, the purple is 519, the nude is 15 (I think!) and I'm not exactly sure of the eyeshadow, it's a really light shimmery gold. The lipsticks are amazingly pigmented and the range of colours is brilliant, no matter what you're looking for you'll find something to suit you.