Makeup Monday| Penneys P.S. Love This

Just a few bits and bobs I picked up on my last trip to Penneys. I never really buy any beauty items there, but I was in dire need of a new eyebrow comb so I said I'd take a look in there. And lo and behold they had one for €1.50! Which is a perfect price for something which I personally don't think needs to be of great quality or expense; and it does the job perfectly! (Brows on fleek.) Next thing on my list was a new lipstick brush; I only have one and I needed a new one so I could use it for the lighter colours rather than having to wash one constantly. This little one is so handy; it's retractable and a handy size to throw into your handbag on a night out or even for touch ups during the day. Last but not least I saw these little nail art brushes and thought why the heck not! I'm actually a qualified nail technician but I haven't done anything in years now, hopefully these pretty brushes will inspire me to do some great nail art in the next few weeks! If anything amazing happens I'll let you all know!