Makeup Monday| Sleek Eyebrow Kit

Yeah I know, it's about time these bad boys had a trim but I just had to show you the kit! Need to contact the Brow Fairy ASAP.

Alrighty, after hearing some really great things about Sleek Makeup and loving their affordable price range, I went a little crazy on the website - which is why I've decided to break the haul up into smaller chunks cos otherwise you might be bored to sleep with a super long post!
Starting off, I love the  matte black packaging, it looks great and it is really sleek (I see what you did there), but the only thing is I find it gets grubby really quick inside my makeup box. I know, maybe its my fault and my makeup box isn't as tidy as it should be, but I was still surprised by how quickly it picked up dirt and residue from other products floating around in there! Other than that, on point.
Now to the actual product - I love it. I never thought I could love an eyebrow powder as much as I loved my Fuschia kit, but this one is seriously good. The powder is somehow the perfect colour for redheads - it's brown but has like a teeny weeny hint of red in there and I really appreciate it. The brow wax is something which I never usually use but I tried it out a couple times and I'm hooked - I love it. So, so good, perfect colour and great for getting the lines right and has great staying power.
Moving on to the brow gel - something else I never used- I find myself using it every single day. It's great if your going for a Cara Delevingne (oh my gosh I struggled so much with that spelling) it really helps to hold the shape and gives more ooomph to your brows.
Really really happy with this little brow box and gel from Sleek, I'd definitely recommend it!