Makeup Monday| Sleek Matte Me

 Still a little wet
And now totally dry, and totally matte!

I've been really interested in trying out some liquid lipsticks for a good while now, and was seriously considering dishing out big bucks for some Limecrime goodies until I heard all those very very bad and dodgy reviews. Then I was going to try Melt cosmetics which I still probably will but considering I'm trying to save up for the many summer adventures I'm planning, I thought it go with something cheap and cheerful!
And I must say these Sleek matte liquid lipsticks are FAB. The red is so vibrant and the pink is a lovely dusky rose. Both last for ages and ages too with very little transfer but I did find eating a bit difficult especially with the red, as when they get a bit more moist they tend to smudge and it is HARD to get these off! Again especially the red as it is so vibrant and pigmented.Would recommend using a lip brush to really get the edges straight, as the applicator isn't great. I love the red on its own but the pink can be a little wishy washy for me so I really like adding it over some darker pink or nudey lips to give them a super matte texture; and it is just that - super matte!