Suit Up

I saw this kind of "dress" on a couple of celebs and really loved how it looked, so of course I wanted one of my own! 

But in typical me fashion, I decided to reuse something I already had instead of buying a brand new one! I knew I had this vintage longline suit jacket-blazer type thing, so I used it as a dress. I love androgynous style, but this has a more feminine touch to it! I added this vintage belt to cinch it in so it seemed more Kim K, and I wore a plain black bandage skirt underneath to conserve some dignity! I really like how this look turned out, like this it's great for a night out - maybe with some bling strappy heels, but I also cant wait to wear it come winter with some tights and over the knee or ankle boots! Is it bad I'm already preparing my winter wardrobe?! Similar style dresses can be found here and here, but remember you can totally DIY your own, unique one!