Rare in Mdina

Honestly, this post isn't fitting into my timeline quite right which annoys me a little (am I timeline OCD?) but I just had to show you all this amazing playsuit! It was sent to me by the lovely people over at Rare London and it is so beautiful. I know I've mentioned it before, but I could live in playsuits for the summer, they are so easy to wear and so so comfortable; and this one is no different. I love the orangey floral pattern - this particular pattern looks really exotic to me too which I really loved. I was a bit wary about the deep v neckline, as sometimes these can look a little "indecent" on me what with the boobs and all, but it was actually perfectly cut. When I saw it first my immediate thought was - night out. But once I tried it on and realised it was so comfortable and so loose and flowy - always key in a good playsuit - I figured I'd style it up for day time. It was great for this particular day as we walked around all day long in scorching heat and sun so I really appreciated the lightness of the material and the flowy cut of the playsuit. Thanks again to Rare London!  

 I wore it for a day trip to the Dingli Cliffss and Mdina in Malta (I'll have the rest of my Malta posts up soon!). The Dingly Cliffs were so pretty but we did get a little lost and it was a little bit dodgy up there at some points but the view was amazing, and you could see for miles and miles of just open water. Mdine was amazing though, I really loved it. It's where they film some of the Kings Landing scenes for Game of Thrones and it was so cool to see the streets looking exactly like they do on screen, as well as the gate into Mdina being the one they film as the gates into Kings Landing! As a huge Game of Thrones fan it was pretty exciting to get to see that. I felt like I was back in time hundreds of years walking through the ancient walled city, and I would definitely recommend anyone to visit if you're in Malta! We also saw a photoshoot while we were there which was a bit exciting too haha!