Interview Outfits

These are some pictures from the day I had my big scary (not really but it felt like that at the time) interview in Prague last May. I wanted to look some way respectable and then regretted my outfit choice 100% the second I got  to Wenceslas Square because it was ROASTING. But anyway, I really like this outfit. Patterned pants are so good for interviews or just for work in general I think, they're appropriate but definitely a bit more fun than plain black pants! These are soft material but I'll definitely be picking up some more structured ones for the coming months. You can never go wrong with a plain white button down shirt, and this vintage cotton one is great to wear buttoned up or open over another light top. The cardigan was unnecessary but I really liked how it looked with the shirt sleeves cuffed, and I finished the outfit with a pair of monk shoes!

Also guys, the Blog Awards Ireland are coming up, and I would love love love if you could nominate me to be in with a chance to be a part of it! Just paste my url into the boxes and submit, easy as that! Thank youuu! :)

Cardigan - Topshop
Shirt - Vintage
Pants/ Shoes - Penneys
Sunglasses - Monki