MM | Mascara Mini Haul

TkMaxx is one of those places where you go in, looking for one thing, and come out with exactly what you didn't go looking for. Case in point, I went in to look for a shirt for my boyfriend and came out with four mascaras and a diary. These things happen. So I thought I'd give them all a go and see which one came out tops. (I did buy another and an eyeliner but I want to give them a post to themselves so you'll see them later!) Mascara is a big deal for me as I never wear fake eyelashes, my lashes are pretty long already but finding a good mascara is like the holy grail for me.
First up is this Korres volumizing mascara. Korres is a Greek brand which I had never heard of before, but I liked the look of this mascara so I said I'd give it a go. Though it is a "volumizing" mascara I found I had to really layer it up to get any real thickness or length. It is good for definition and separation, I didn't find I had too many clumps after, but if you're looking dramatically long and thick lashes I don't think this is for you.
Next up is this Superdry mascara. Again, I've never tried any of their makeup or cosmetics because I'm not the biggest fan of any of their products, but the packaging of this one is so cool! Yes, that's cardboard! I found it good for length but it did clump up a little bit, and I found with this brush a lot of the product transferred onto my eyelids (and I know that can happen with anything, but this was like A LOT). And, again, not so volumizing, but definitely good for daily wear as I think you can get quite a lot out of this tube.
And finally, this Bourjois Dark Khol mascara which I love. The packaging is really nice too, loving the monochrome! This brush is actually great, the shape is definitely the best for fuller lashes and absolutely no product transfer which was great! It's good for lengthening also and defining the lashes. It's a super dark black because of the khol and I just find this one really great, definitely my favourite.