MM | AYU Makeup

Happy Monday boys and girls! Well at least it is for me as I have a day off - thank you Czech public holidays! My laptop is behaving itself again but it's touch and go as it just keeps shutting down and refusing to turn on for hours at a time. Technology. So I finally got the chance to post about these new makeup brushes!
AYU is an Irish makeup brand run by two sisters wanting to make processional and high quality but affordable makeup brushes (and make up). I picked up the Duo Fibre brush, coming in at €12.50 and the Angled Eyeliner brush for just €4.50. I find the Duo Fibre brush great as a stippling brush for applying foundation when I just want a light cover and gives a really natural look. It's so nice and soft and even though it feels a little bit shorter than my other stippling brush, I rather it that way as it feels like you have more control over it. 
They eyeliner brush feels a little bit too big to create a really sleek winged liner look, and the bristles are a little bit pokey-outy if you get me! Other than the size it's great, I may switch it up as my eyebrow brush rather than an eyeliner brush and see how that works out instead! 
All in all I like the AYU brushes as they are affordable and definitely good quality - not a single hair has been shed from the stippling brush yet - and I like the simple packaging and design. Find them at ayumakeup.ie