Prague Dyzajn Market

Yay my laptop is working again! For the moment... it's very touch and go these days.
I headed to the National Theatre in Prague last Sunday to quickly stop into the Dyzajn Market on my way to an Irish pub to watch the All Ireland Final (which was VERY disappointing by the way.) It was pretty big with a lot of stall and a lot of people, with a live one man band using a loop pedal type situation which was really cool too. I just mooched around looking at all the stalls but I've included pictures only from the stalls where I bought stuff this time, if I took pictures of everything I liked this post would be about a week long. The flower crowns from Magaela were so distracting, I noticed them immediately and I loved them all! But for the day that was in it I was feeling a bit patriotic so I went with green and gold! I love this piece as I can wear it as a headband or even a belt. I think I may be visiting the website soon though and adding a  more autumnal coloured crown to my collection! How gorgeous is that fox print from MadMax?! I really wanted it but unfortunately they only had it in a cushion cover, where I really wanted it on a bag or even a little makeup bag but no (available online though)! So I went with this very Scottish looking stag instead, which I love just as much. Last but not least I was on my way out of the market to make the match on time when these bookmarks caught my eye. They are the coolest things ever, I of course picked up these Alice in Wonderland bookmarks without a thought, but they have bookmarks designed around Edgar Allen Poe, Moby Dick, Dracula... and all such amazing designs! I was really impressed I must say! Available from bookmarklovers.cz