Green Graduation

Finally getting these pictures up! From way back when in August at my Graduation Ball - sigh, memories. I absolutely love this dress, the colour caught my eye immediately and I had to have this beautiful emerald shade - I love it!! And of course, green is always great with the oul red hair so I had to do it! This one is an Eliza and Ethan MultiWrap dress - you know the ones you see on Pinterest all the time as bridesmaids dresses in the same colour but different styles? Yep this is one of them! Which is so great because you can style it exactly how you want it, if you want a lot of boob showing or only a little bit - or even some sideboob if that's your preference! Honestly I can't fault these dresses because to be fair, if you have a couple of events like this to go to, or even weddings, your cost-per-wear will be pretty good! I bought mine in BeFabulous in Limerick (which by the way is a great experience in itself - be prepared for all the fun with the owner!). I immediately thought gold accesories and red lips and nails when I saw the dress so that's what I went for with these earrings, choker (which was actually an upper arm bangle from Penneys that I just stretched out a bit!) and I piled on a few gold bangles. I really wanted some gold shoes but that was probably a bit excessive so I went with the gorgeous nude strappy shoes instead. 

Earrings - Topshop
Necklace/ Bangles - Primark
Shoes - ShoeRack