Sugar Skull Tutorial

And here it is, following up from my last outfit post - a sugar skull makeup tutorial! I hope you all like the video, don't forget to subscribe!
Here's a little run down of what I did, the video is below:
  1. Prep skin with oil free moisturizer and mattifying primer
  2. Cover entire face with white face paint/foundation, Use a sponge, a brush or your fingers like me!
  3. Draw two large circles around eyes and fill them in with black face paint or eyeliner/eyeshadow
  4. Using a red lip liner/ lip crayon, draw a scalloped edge around your black eye circles
  5. Fill in the nose in a kinda sorta triangular shape
  6. Draw a line from the edges of both sides of your lips to just join up with your cheekbone
  7. Draw vertical lines across both lips and continue this onto the longer lines to look like teeth
  8. Add some extra details - this is where you can make the look your own, add swirls, flowers, spider webs - it's totally up to you! I added a few swirls and a heart in the centre of my forehead
  9. Create a semi circle shape on your chin and fill it in with black
  10. Like the eyes, draw a scalloped edges using your red lip pencil
  11. Fill in all of the scalloped parts so they are fully coloured
  12. Add some contour to your cheeks with a dark grey eyeshadow and a fluffy blending brush
  13. Use this (or black shadow) on the center of your lips also
  14. Use eyeliner and eyeshadow to fill in any spaces that aren't entirely black already

And voila! Enjoy the video!