MM | Liquorice and Sugar

I'm all about H&M lately, possibly because they are everywhere in Prague, but also because I actually think the quality of their beauty range is really, really good! I wanted to try out some new face masks because I left my tried and tested (and trusted) Vichy one back home in Ireland. At €2.99 a pop they're not the cheapest as such but actually quite worth it from what I've seen so far. I've only tried out the Liquorice and Sugar exfoliating face mask so far and I honestly think it was great! Left my skin feeling so nice and soft, and I didn't have to deal with the pesky breakouts a lot of face masks seem to cause. Plus, it smells amaaaazing. 
As you can see from the bottom pictures (not the best pictures I know) it's quite goopy and a bit sticky to apply, and doesn't really dry as such, but after about 15 minutes it hardens a bit I suppose. Not a huge problem for me but I did end up with black stains all around the neck of my top somehow! The sugar in the mask is great; washing the mask off using circular motions really helps the sugar buff your skin leaving it amazingly soft, while the almond oil moisturizes the skin. I really liked this mask and will be trying the Charcoal and Volcanic Soil mask ASAP, and I'll keep you updated as to how that one goes!