Gift Guide for Girls | Beauty, Tech & Randoms!

Since its actually December and only 23 days away now *holycrapitssocloseI'msounprepared*, I thought it was time to do a bit of a gift guide/wishlist type scenario for some inspiration! I can't believe Christmas is so soon already, the last four months have absolutely flown by! Really starting to feel the Christmas spirit today - sitting in Starbucks on my break, sipping a toffee nut latte and looking out at the snow in Wenceslas Square while they set up the Christmas market. Getting that tingly feeling in my stomach already - the excitement of Christmas! This list is going to ber very bits and bobs-ey, some books and a hella lot of makeup, so be prepared for a ramble!

So lets start this list with something that's on the very top on my letter to Santa this year - Cameras. 

Though the camera on my list is a little more on the profesh side, these three beauties are all instant cameras, which I absolutely love. I'll never forget all the fashion shows that were captured on my Barbie Polaroid camera way back way back. I love the vintage feel and the actual candid shots that instant cameras produce. I would kill for any of the Lomo cameras!

Next up on the list is some good old fashioned stationary!

Who doesn't love waking up on Christmas Morning to find a good old notebook or a planner for the year ahead. Maybe it's just me, but I thoroughly enjoy planners and actually also thoroughly need them so as not to forget anything and thus have a breakdown.

Don't forget to check out my post "20 Books for Fashion Nerds" to get some gift inspo for that special fashion lover in your life!

Now, how about some beauty items?!

Urban Decay palettes - it's a no brainer really. Vice 4 and the Gwen Stefani collab are up pretty high on my list, and how awesome is the Naked Vault?! For any Naked noobs, or diehards, out there this would be amazing! And the Smoked palette is on sale on the UD website right now and has an awesome range of colours, for something a little different (and a little cheaper!)

MAC always have amazing sets out for the holidays, but don't forget about the old faithfuls that are there for you all year long too!

Too Faced packaging is to die for, the Chocolate Bar eyeshadows and the Love Flush blush especially, but they also do some great sets for gifts.
Some more random beauty items:

And now for even more randoms!

We all have a very special relationship with our beds, it's not a secret anymore. So why not give them gift of some super trendy bedding this year? Map Bedding, Elephant Bedding
 Cups and mugs are always great gifts cos you know, everyone needs something to drink from, obvs. A gigantic mug is definitely my cup of choice, but why not think outside the box and gift a coffee/water/vodka lover with a travel mug or reusable bottle?
Phone cases are also a great gift option, the kids these days are into their smartphones and a phone cover is just another personal accessory for them
For that mystical, away with the fairies girl you know: Elnique Wall Hanging, Unicorn Slippers
Speakers for all the in-shower concerts, and this super cool on the spot smart phone printer: Waterproof Speakers, FujiFilm Instax Smartphone Printer

 And for the girl who loves nothing more than travelling and suffers from severe wanderlust when at home: Travel Journal, Scratch Map