New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

Guys, honestly. Polyvore is amazing but it takes up WAY too much of my time for realsies. I can just be chilling on the app or on my laptop for hours at a time, looking through sets or making my own. If I had been this addicted to it back in college I 100% would not have graduated. I thought I'd put all my timewasting to good use and dream up a couple of New Years Eve outfits and post them here too. 
The first look is a slinky black body con dress with a vampy feel and rose gold accesories. The second look would go really well with a good tan and some blonde locks, a la Blake Lively. The third is actually something similar to what I'm planning to wear (and what I wore to the Czech Blog Awards - read about that here!) with a full black midi skirt and a sequin overload top. The fourth is a little bit 70's to me which is great as that vibe is still pretty popular; some deep purple palazzo pants and a high neck halter crop top paired with super light grey accessories. The fifth look is another black and gold ensemble with a leather midi skirt and a sheer gold cami top, paired with a mix of black and gold accessories and a deep red lip. And finally, we have a look that's maybe a little Christmassy BUT if you just minus the santa hat from the equation I think you've got a pretty classy New Years Eve outfit!

Hope you liked this post, you can check out more of my Polyvore creations if you click right here, where you can immediately access and shop all of the items included in my sets. Happy outfit planning!