Flawless Contour Palette

Although yes, I do love makeup, one thing I can't quite commit to is the extensive contouring that's all the rage these days. I was quite content to get a bit of bronzer and lash it onto where my cheekbones should be - until I got this palette for my birthday last year. And wowzaaaaa. It is too good. I mainly go between the first six colours - which you can see by the mess around them - but over Christmas while I was using tan I got a bit of use out of the darker ones too! I use this literally every day as a light contour and then get a bit more heavy handed for nights out but it works great either way. I also got this Flawless brush set for my birthday and again I cannot fault it - so soft, no shedding, really dense and overall brilliant! I use the three in the last photo for my contour - the slanted one for highlight areas, the pointed one for my cheekbones, jaw and forehead, and the little pointed one for my nose and under my lips. There should be six but being the div that I am I managed to leave one of them back home in Ireland. Typical! I use the other small brush for eyeshadow and the larger brush for foundation. So, so, so good! Considering the price I was honestly so surprised at the quality of these products - definitely a great dupe for the Crown Brush or even Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes. Would highly recommend!!