When I found out about this palette I honestly nearly had a kitten with the excitement. Two of my all time faves, Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani, are teaming up. Like yes, I ship that. I'm all about that Gwen life, I've loved her since No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom and Rock Steady are the bomb.com) and all through her solo career - Rich Girl and What You Waiting For were my JAMZ. And of course I'm an UD 'til I die kinda gal. I got my first UD product when I was I want to say 13? It was a single eyeshadow pot of pure silver glitter and needless to say I was hooked. So basically, yeah, I'm a big fan. The colours in this palette are so amazing, perfect for throw-on-and-go-easy-to-wear-day-to-day kind of looks but also super buildable for something a little more glam or dramatic like I've done in the pictures above. My favourite shades have to be Skimp, - which I'm almost 100% sure I had in an older palette which is now literally just pan because I loved it so much - Punk, Anaheim and Zone. They're actually all matte shades because I wear these kind of shades basically everyday. I need to start experimenting a bit more so I'm looking at you Harajuku and Danger to get me a little bit creative!