Berlin Travel Diary - Day One

On the road from Prague to Berlin! It took about 4 hours to get from Prague to Berlin but we had a great soundtrack to get us there!

First stop after our long journey was a little currywurst stand near out hotel on Wielandstraße. If you can't tell from my face, it was UNREAL. 

Our next stop was the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. It was so strange seeing the super old, ruined church next to this incredibly modern cube which is the new church now!

Chilling outside the zoo with some GIANT ELEPHANTS. Obviously the highlight of my trip... and taking mirror selfies with fish cos why not! We didn't actually go into the zoo or aquarium but both look pretty cool.

Then we headed up Hofjägerallee to see the Victory Column. It's in the middle of this insane roundabout. It was a pretty long walk from our hotel actually!

We went through a little underground tunnel where you can get past the roundabout and see the monument close up. It's really nice and you can go inside where theres a little museum and also go up to the viewing platform at the top.

Casually walking down this teeny path in the middle of a crazy busy road.

On our way to the Reichstag we stumbled across this rogue bell tower called the Carillon and this little tree smack bang in the middle of the path.
Word of warning - to get into the Reichstag you need to book in advance online. I knew this but completely forgot until the morning we were leaving so yup, you guessed it - no Reichstag for us. 

And the famous Brandenburg Gate. By the time we reached it, it was already getting quite dark so all the lights were coming on and it looked sooo pretty! As it got darker the crowd started to thin out too so I'd recommend it in the evening!
And then we ate at Vapianos. Mega drool.

Tune in again on Wednesday to see what we got up to on the rest of our Berlin Weekender!