My Everyday Makeup

So yeah, basically my everyday makeup! And by everyday I mean the days when I have the time and motivation to wear anything other than BB cream and mascara. 
  1. I start off with this GOSH primer after applying moisturizer. 
  2. Cover up any spots and dark circles with the Inglot AMC Cream Concealer in 64 with a beauty blender.
  3. Apply Rimmel Match Perfection in OO1 with a flat topped brush and then use a beauty blender to smooth everything out.
  4. Apply Inglot concealer again under the eyes, on the bridge of nose, chin and inbetween eyes. Set with Vichy Dermablend translucent powder. 
  5. With a contour brush apply the Naked Bronzer along my cheekbones, jawline and hairline. Then lightly brush Insta Glow bronzer in a number 3 shape at the side of the face and finish with a little blush. 
  6. Fill in brows with brow powder from Sleek makeup, and go over with the brow gel to make them appear thicker!
  7. Cover entire eye socket in Truth from Vice 3. Go over this with Undone almost up to the browbone. Cover lid in Downfall, blending upwards to browbone, and finish by patting DTF all over lower lid and taking it underneath the eye.
  8. Get dat flick on fleek with the Maxfactor liquid liner. I prefer short & thick flicks rather than the long thin ones favoured by most Insta beauty gurus. 
  9. Layer Avons Big & Falsh Lash mascara for some big ass lashes.
  10.  Add the PS... Love lipstick in Manhatten and a spray of Urban Decays Oil Slick Setting Spray I'm you're ready to face the day!
So there we have it! Pretty easy! Do you use any of these products or have a similar routine? Or any recommendations? Let me know!