Summer Lovin'

First of all I would like to say I'm sorry for being a terribly neglectful blogger for the last few weeks. This will probably continue for another two weeks while I'm away but then you can expect a DELUGE of travel and fashion blogs. Something to look forward to, ya know?

So, there it is! My summer plans laid out. Last year was my mega travelling summer, I did Malta, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Turkey (plus London and Prague) so this year I'll be taking it a bit easier. In the space of two weeks (starting today ahhhh!) I'll be hitting up Budapest, then flying to Athens and heading straight to Aegina, then back to Athens for a few days, on to Bratislava and then back to Prague. Sounds like a lot but I think it's doable. Like a mini inter-railing but without the rail (we'll be busing and flying!). Then, in July, me and the fam (like literally, everyone. Aunts, uncles and cousins) are jetting off to Porto for my cousins wedding. So a very European summer this year but I'm super excited nonetheless! It wouldn't be summer without some travelling for me, and maybe next year will be yet another mega travel summer, but who knows! If you have any tips on any of these places comment below and let me know! See ya on the flip side!