Travel | Bratislava Travel Diary

Bratislava was our last stop on our little Eurotrip, but we only had one whole day there. It was enough for us to see the typical touristy sights and we were pretty toured out already so it was perfect. Bratislava is a very cute little city (almost like a mini Prague!) with some lovely shops and buildings, plus the funny statues all over the place. 
Michaels Gate

Like in Budapest, there was a point where other cities were measured from in Bratislava too!

Basically the best shop in the world

And the prettiest church in the world
And this very cool abandoned building just opposite 

Having a chat with one of Napoleons soldiers
Cumil or "The Watcher" - one of the stories behind this statue is that this guy is there just to look up ladies skirts!

The UFO Bridge in all its glory

And our final stop, the castle. Lovely walk up to it with a gorgeous view of the river and the UFO bridge. I loved Bratislava as everything seemed to be within walking distance and it seems like a super friendly place!