Urban Decay in Wonderland | UD x Alice in Wonderland

The most photogenic palette of all time. So, you may or may not know that Alice in Wonderland is my all time favourite - I have a couple of different copies of both books, a gigantic biograohy of Carroll, the original movie is my JAM, and the new movies give me so many feels. I have the original UD Alice in Wonderland palette from the first movie (which was SIX YEARS AGO by the way), so it seemed only fitting that I had to get the new palette! I loved the UD Book of Shadows, even though they are bulky and a little WORD for everyday use but still, I'm a sucker for nostalgia. So basically, the theme, the packaging and the format of the box are winning so far, it's Alice through the Looking Glass so the kaleidoscopic print makes sense, as do all the little clocks since Time is a major character in the movie. I appreciate the gigantic butterfly, which to me seems to be a fitting memorial to Absolem actor, Alan Rickman.  
Now, on the actual product. Bigger than previos Books Of Shadows, this one holds 20 colours and I loooove how they organised them into each major character! So that's Alice, Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth and Time, so you can do your eyes by character, or mix them up. The colours are amazing, like honestly even though there are some insanely bright, they're totally wearable, and I appreciate the amount of matte shades or lightly shimmered shades. The only problem with the very bright shades is the colour pay off could be a little better, you have to really pack them on and if you want to blend them they tend to go a little sheer but honestly, the pros way outweigh the cons for me. Of course a brush is included which is just as goregous as the packaging, with a fluffy blending brush on one side and a shorter denser brush on the other end good for smudging.
I did not need this palette in any way shape or form but I'm basically an Urban Decay and Alice in Wonderland collector so when they collab I gotta have it. It could have been total rubbish, (but it's not thank god, it's amazing) and I would still love it! 
Hope you enjoy, and have a great weekend! :)