Peachy Keen | 3 |

Pale as pale can be in these pictures! But this is the last of my peachy perfection, and my favourite to boot (geddit). This is a little more boho groupie chic (is that a thing? It is now.) Suede was all the rage last A/W and carried on through the summer but this A/W I'm ditching it and looking out for some other textures to transfer onto everything from skirts to boots... velvet Chelsea boots anyone? However, I think these mid-calf sort of length boots are going to be sticking around for this A/W, best €10 I ever spent in Penneys! And of course the choker of the summer - the suede rope choker! I ordered a whole load of it from AliExpress, cut it into three different lengths and made three chokers - let me know if you'd like to see a blog/video about how I did that? Anyways, that's the end of this little trio, let me know if you liked it! I may or may not have another one up my sleeve....

Top - Reserved
Skirt/ Boots - Primark