Roxy like a PUMA

Just a very simple, casual all black outfit that I'll definitely be wearing to college at the beginning of semester when the weather isn't too cold yet (I mean they're having a heatwave in London at the moment so I might end up even being roasting in this ensemble!). I love love this t-shirt so much, I had been looking for the classic white Nike tee with the black font, but when I found this bad boy in Bratislava for €2 I was like screw you Nike! Cos those tshirts are priiiiiiicey. Obviously it's second hand, and I'm not sure if that's the reason for the incredible softness like oh my godd it's unreal. You all already know my love of culottes (I also may or may not have another three how to style type of trilogy lined up for later this month) and these black ones are strictly day wear, as they are a kind of jersey material and are super comfy and very light. And of course, how could my wardrobe be complete without a black bomber jacket? ps I love these Vans with all my heart as they manage to add a little bit of colour and fun to any all black outfit that I constantly find myself wearing. And they are so darn comfy!

Jacket - Penneys
Culottes - TkMaxx
Tshirt - Thrifted
Shoes - Vans 

Also, if you didn't get the reference in the title WHAT KIND OF CHILDHOOD DID YOU HAVE?!
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