Sleek Makeup | Cleopatras Kiss & Precious Metals Highlighting Palettes


As you can see, I am a big fan of both the eye and lip products from Sleek Makeup BUT if there is one thing that I full on adore from this brand, it's the highlighters. I MEEEEEEEEAN. I bought the Solstice highlighting palette in the summer and fell madly in love. Like honestly, Hemisphere is my all time favourite. So, when Sleek launched a brand new highlighting palette I was just craaazy excited to see it. The Cleopatras Kiss highlighting palette has two cream and two powder highlights all in beautiful golden tones. This stuff with a tan, it's a dreeeeam! The  two powder shade in the palette, Sphinx and Goddess, seem to be more glittery than the powders in the Solstice palette, which seem more shimmery. Not a bad thing we all know I looooooove me a bitta glitta. The creams are beautiful, Dynasty is definitely a firm favourite of mine as it's more of a light, creamy gold colour. It is just an absolutely goregous palette which doesn't surprise me after the amazingness of Solstice! I also got my mitts on the Precious Metals palette which is a little older than the others I believe, but still just as good. This palette holds three creams and one powder highlighter. I reeeeeally like this palette as all the shades are quite light, as bronzy-toned highlighters just don't work on my skintone at all (cos I'm a ghost duh). Platinum and Renaissance Gold have to be my favourties out of this palette, Platinum is just a pure pearly shade and looks SO GOOD on the inner eyes (I swoon). All in all (as usual) I have legit not one bad thing to say about these palettes (except the magnet fell out of my Precious Metals so it doesn't stay closed all that well BUT I MEAN I'm a big girl I'll get over it). I just need Midas Touch - and MAN would I love that palette have you seen the blue?! - to finish my collection! Gotta get my hands on it asap!

This is not an ad, all views and opinions are my own.