Sleek Makeup | Lip VIP & Matte Me review

Second up on our long ass Sleek reviewing are some lipsticks. We'll start with the Lip VIP as I had never actually tried these out before either! I've tried the True Colour lipsticks and really like them, and the Lip VIP are even better. They have a semi-matte formula which I actually love in a lipstick, as you know I'm a matte lips kind of girl but this is a great way to stop them from drying out and flaking on you! The pigment is amaaaazing, the colours are so bright and strong. I particularly love Show Off, Private Booth & Attitude - so nice! They are super long wearing and stays on pretty well even after food or drinks - always a plus. Next up are the amazing Matte Me liquid lipsticks in the most unreeeeeeeal shades - Velvet Slipper and Old Hollywood. Both dark burgundy/purpley/winey shades they're amazing for Autumn when you know everyone gets the dark lips out! I have two other Matte Me's and I really like them, I do find they flake a bit but if you exfoliate and moisturize (bitta Vaseline be grand) they should stay on alright. Although they flake, the colour still manages to stay on the lips - kind of like a stain, so even if they do fade a bit there's still a bit of colour hanging on there!