Like basically everyone else of my generation, I spend a heck of a lot of time on my laptop.

Whether I'm blogging, editing pictures and videos, researching and writing for university or just having a little creep on the world wide web, I probably (embarrassingly) spend most of my day on my laptop. Of course I read and write and do other things off my laptop, but the majority of things I NEED to do are very computer based. This can take a bit of a toll on my old wrists, I'm not joking - particularly video and photo editing. When I was sent this Penclic D3 Mouse I was a little skeptical but very interested to try it out. It's difficult to get used to, but now that I am I'm not sure if I'll go back to the normal mouse format that I used before! It's so cool, you literally hold it like a pencil and theres a button on either side, just like a normal mouse, and a wheel in the middle to scroll. It's exactly the same, but just in a pen shape! Which is great for me, as I do love the feeling of a pen, and always take all my notes on paper (cos I'm old and old fashioned). It's a really novel way of having the feeling of a pen while on the laptop - and I'm a fan. I'm still not fully confident in it when it comes to video editing (it's happened a couple of times that I've made a slip of the hand and deleted the entire thing - not ideal NOT AT ALL) but with everything else it's totally comfortable. It even comes with a little bag so you can bring it on the go with you!

"Penclics innovative computer accessories are attuned to the ergonomic requirements that our bodies need. These ergonomic advances provided in our products grant the user an amazing and unique experience, without sacrificing on quality or function. Apart from the strong ergonomic advantages found in Penclic products, we strive to include nifty technological functions and smart, clean Scandinavian design."

Repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel are things I'm actually quite afraid of (anything to do with veins and I'm OUT - I'm not scared of needles in my skin, but needles in my veins are a NO NO.) and the Pencil Mouse D3 is specially designed to make these things less of a worry for me! If you spend a lot of time at your desk and on the computer, check out the Penclic website, they have lots of accessories available to make desk time a little easier on your limbs! I'd love to try their Bluetooth keyboard next!