"I'm on the seafood diet... When I see food, I eat it" - every dad ever

Is this not the coolest thing you've ever come across? It's seaweed - BUT IT'S PASTA. Really it's just sea weed, but you can eat it like pasta and it's not something you see every day.
I was sent this interesting package by Media PR (along with another not-the-run-of-the-mill product which will be on the blog soon!) and was so excited to try it out. I was honestly so intrigued by it - I'm not a HUGE fan of sea food - I like salmon and scampi and a bit of cod now and then - and I HATE seaweed when I'm in the water. So, I was torn.
But it's really not that bad! I boiled it for about 20 minutes and then added pesto, bacon, avocado and tomato with a sprinkling of sesame seeds on top - and it was pretty good! The consistency takes a little while to get used to - it's quite chewy. I definitely think it's a really cool alternative for pasta - gluten free and most definitely less carbs than the usual! Plus, you get a little booklet which gives you so much cool information about the product, about the health of the future and also how it is good for the planet - for example, empty trucks used to drive back from Ireland to Holland after they delivered flowers, but now they carry I Sea Pasta! Plus - it's Irish, harvested in Connemara. Pretty darn cool if I do say so myself! So thanks a million to Media PR and I Sea Pasta for sending this out - I may need a few more tries to fully convert but it could be a possibility!

Available from: www.planetorganic.com
Check out the website for more information on this delicious and nutritious pasta alternative!!