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After a quick review of these pictures, it's clear that I think my right side is my good side when I'm being photographed?! But actually it's my left side, so I played myself.

I'm crazy about this outfit - this tshirt is my absolute favourite thing at the moment. I love a slogan T anyway, and this one is so bomb and OHMYGOD so soft. And also, I love my girl gang, so just gotta rep that! And this jacket - if you follow me on IG or Snapchat (@ciaranoelleoc) I was raving about this when I got this a few months back, but the weather was never quite good enough for leather yet, until now! And I'm wearing it non stop, it makes me feel so damn sassy! And I am so in love with the orange. It just really makes it so different, and you can detach the fur and add it to anything else! Will definitely be pinning this onto my vintage Levi jacket in the future! And these earring (heart eye emoji) from Monki are the cooooooolest. I'm so into big earrings at the moment, and these are my current faves. They're so cool, no?! 

Hope everyone has a happy and chocolatey Easter weekend! 

Tshirt - Boohoo
Jacket - New Look
Jeans - Primark
Earrings - Monki via Asos
Puma Trimm Quicks - Office