Leaping with Look Lane

Stay clever, little Fox. 

How amazing is this necklace? I love foxes, so much so that I have a lovely little lady fox tattoo on my ankle, one of my favourites! I'm not sure if it's the red hair that's the connection, but I just have always loved clever little foxes! So when Look Lane sent out this gorgeous necklace to me I was too excited! It's much bigger than I thought it would be, but so well made. The Leaping Fox was originally a print (which I'm 100% considering getting too... how many foxes is too many foxes?!), and has been printed onto a laser cut piece of wood. It's really light and nice to wear, you barely notice it - and I love how you can see all the brushstrokes on the fox! The brand making this chain is called Duck & Duffel, where everything is handmade! And how cute is the packaging? It puts such a smile on my face to see some beautiful packaging! Look Lane has a verrrrry cute website too - would definitely advise going for a little browse through their little town-themed site and checking out all the fab things they have!