Red Dress


This is another piece I was kindly sent by Tobi, though I did have a little difficulty with the sizing as you can see - this is actually meant to be a wrap dress but, clearly, not made for those big of bust or long of leg. So I did what any good ManRepeller reader would do, and layered the shi*t out of it! Which is a shame as I really loved it on the website - woe is me! (If you are purchasing this dress, do be warned about the sizing - this is a size large but definitely for short legged and smaller boobed ladies!) But I still like how this outfit turned out, what do you think? It's a little different, and I actually really like the red with the blue jeans. These mules are also an absolute dream - so comfortable and I'm just in love with mules at the moment! I also added yet another layer to this outfit with a baggy black sweater over everything as it was preeeeetty chilly when we were shooting this.

Jeans/ Tshirt/ Sweater - Primark