Rouge Velvet The Lipstick

Just when you think you don't need any more lipsticks, you realise - well actually yes I definitely, desperately need these lipsticks

How amazing is this package I found on my doorstep one morning? In the midst of all my dissertation blues, this sure cheered me up! I was so excited to find out I would be getting this VoxBox from Influenster in collaboration with Bourjois, as Bourjois is a brand that I used to absolutely LIVE FOR when I first started out with makeup - I think my sister and I had a pretty solid collection of those little round mono eyeshadows, which when I think back on, were actually really good - maybe I should put some on my shopping list! I wanted to do an extra special swatch post for this collection, so bare with me as there are about a million pictures to go!

Now, on to the formula - this stuff is truly, honestly, unbelievable. (While I'm not being paid for this, I was sent these to review but it's entirely up to me whether it's good or bad - and this stuff is GOOD). The lipstick goes on like butter and dries to a soft matte which lasts for hours, and every last on of these shades are so incredibly pigmented. I know Bourjois already has the Rouge Velvet Liquid Lipsticks but I know liquid lipsticks can be a bit intimidating, and I feel like a true lipstick will be much more user friendly! (And less drying, one big issue I find with liquid lipsticks). The lipsticks seem slightly narrower than the usual lipstick bullet, and more sleek than others, even MAC for example. I really love the packaging which as you can see is fully colourblocked in the shade of lipstick - which is something I REALLY appreciate when I'm in a rush, trying to grab my favourite lipstick and have to turn them all upside down to find the right one! Struggle no more! As you can see in the pictures, the lipstick itself is slanted at an angle with a slight curve in the middle - you know that curve that ends up forming on your most used lipstick anyway? It's already included in these bad boys! I find that the edges are also much sharper than other lipsticks, leaving you with perfect, colour inside the lines lips. I also think there is such a great range of colours, literally something for any mood or style. 

No. 1 - Hey Nude!

No. 2 - Flaming'rose

No. 3 - Hyppink Chic

No. 4 - Hip Hip Pink

No. 5 - Brique-A-Brac

No. 6 - Abrico'dabra!

No. 7 - Joli Carmin'ois

No. 8 - Rubi's Cute

No 9. Fuchsia Botte

No. 10 - Magni-fig

No. 11 - Berry Formidable

No. 12 - Brunette

 I was sent these lipsticks complimentary by Influenster and Bourjois for an honest review - all thoughts and opinions are mine however! Now go, try these lipsticks, and tell me you don't feel the same way!