Pumpkin Picking

Born to be a Pumpkin Patch Kid

Basically Autumn is the best time of the year, and I love absolutely EVERYTHING about it. I'm not big on summer time, so the second it hits the first of September - the fur jackets and chunky knits are out, even if it is 18 degrees (thanks a lot London). It was killing me seeing all the crazy Autumnal pumpkin picking going on in the US on Instagram so I went on a mission to find something similar in London. Of course, there is nothing. BUT I cast my net a little wider and ended up in Crockford Bridge Farm at the pumpkin patch and it was the best day. So much fun just wandering around looking at the pumpkin displays and picking out the biggest and baddest in the pumpkin patch - and also there were SO MANY KIDS and while they were a little crazy there were a few who made the experience so much more funny - kids can be actually hilarious when they're not even trying. Anyway, I digress! Crockford Bridge Farm is definitely an amazing Autumn day out, with or without kids - theres a little cafe and doughnut shack, and a BBQ hut where you can get burgers and hot dogs etc - but overall it's just such a fun day out!

Jeans/ Boots - Primark