The Prince & I

I'll admit it, I hopped right on that Prince Of Wales/ Checked/ Tartan blazer bandwagon and I am not sorry. I love these prints - I've always been a sucker for tartan, particularly come Autumn time so it came as no shock that this I fell for this trend! The blazer is so easy to wear, you can dress it up, down, add a belt - if you're short enough it could even double as a dress! With some over the knee boots - fab! I'm trying my best not to get sucked in by trends quite so much lately, but when I feel it's something that I can keep and wear in the future as well because it's very much my style, I don't feel so bad! Also, it's from Penneys/ Primark, so it wasn't exactly a bank breaker! What do you think of this trend?!

Blazer/ Jeans - Primark
Trainers - Puma Trimm Quick
Tshirt - New Look
Earrings - Ali Express