Vintage Layers

It's been a while, but it's also been Christmas and New Years so I'm ok with taking a little break. No pressure here folks!

SO I finally got a pair of Docs and I'm in LOOOVE. The right one is a little tight still on my instep cos of my weirdly high feet(?!?!?) but I'm breaking them in and we are best friends so all is well in the world. I also need some of the Dr Martens oxfords, in cherry red I think?! Next purchase for sure.

I'm also having a big old vintage moment right now - it's a kind of constant running thing that pops it's head up now and then to remind me how much I love old clothes. This dress was my boyfriends mom's and I looove it for summer time, but layered with this cream turtle neck I thought it was perfect for a chilly-sunny January day! And of course my chunky AF shearling and denim jacket which is made of the heaviest and warmest denim in the world.

Dress/ Jacket - Vintage
Turtleneck/ Fishnets- Primark
Boots - Dr Martens Pascale