Skiing in Italy

Up high in the sky

Man those views were something else. This year I went on my first big skiing trip ever - and I loved it! Well - not at first. At first I hated it... skiing is HARD. But once you get the hang of it it all gets a little better! We spent the week in Trentino, in a little place called M├╝hlwald. We stayed in the Appartments Untermairhof, in the middle of the snowy mountain peaks - the view from every single window in all the rooms was so amazing! They also have a farm just by the house and brought fresh milk every morning - amaaaaazing!

As for the skiing, we started out in Speikboden, which was not that well suited to me and my beginner status. However, if you want to get an instructor there I'm sure it would be a much better start! So, I only spent one day here (in AGONY from all the falling!) and the rest of our skiing days at Skiarena Klausberg which is close by. I think these slopes are much better suited to beginners to be honest - very wide and not quite as steep. 

As for food, we ate a lot at home and brought the daily delivery of fresh bread with us while skiing as snacks. The best meal was definitely in Pizzeria Meggima (which we walked to in the snow in the evening - it was like being in a fairytale and ending up with pizza! What's not to love?!) where I had the tastiest four cheeses in my LIFE. And of course there was plenty of coffee, strudel and Bombardino consumed on the slopes. 

And that's about it! Tbh, I didn't organise any of this trip soooo I'm not sure about all the details, but I sure as heck enjoyed it!