Perfect Days Of Summer with Nivea

Honestly, what a summer we've had! I can't really believe it's the first week of September already - though to be honest I'm delighted, we're finally coming into my favourite season!

Nivea got in touch in August to ask me what my Perfect Summer Day would be, and I had to have a think. So much has happened this summer and I've had the best time between London and home in Ireland, seeing friends and just relaxing. One of my favourite things to do in London this summer was mosey down to the park by our house, grab an iced coffee from my favourite cafe on the way, and just lay out on the grass with my headphones, the best summer playlist and a good book! 

Of course, I need some essentials on a day like that, the most important being suncream! My pale self would burn to a crisp without at least factor 30 on all over the place. Nivea's Protect and Refresh Cooling Sun Mist is a godsend for those HOT HOT HOT days, just give a light spray and feel instantly cooled as well as protected against the sun! Plus, it smells amazing, a real summery sun creamy smell that makes you think of the beach. The Urban Skin Defence has also been a lifesaver this summer, as I've gotten a bit paranoid about all the pollution in the air in London, even in leafy North London where I live! It's a handy factor 20 (I love when face cream has SPF in it) with anti-oxidant, bio green tea extract and hyaluronic acid. What more could you ask from a day cream?! I've been using it religiously and think I'll keep it up - I want to avoid the damages of air pollution as much as I can! 

I've also been using the Mix Me Moisturizer in the 'Chilled Oasis One' for a bit of after care to get my skin back to it's softest after being beat up by the sun all summer. This is a really cool idea - they have two other scents which you can mix directly on your skin to create your own personal summer scent - though I have to say I love the smell of this on its own! And last but not least, a summer staple (and to be honest, a year round obsession) a soft rose lipbalm. I am rarely without some kind of stick lipbalm in my bag and have so many of this exact one knocking about, that another one couldn't hurt right?! Lips get a pretty hard time in the summer as they can get burned and dried out too - so a nice lipbalm to cool and hydrate is exactly what you need!

I hope you've had an amazing summer too - what were your #perfectdaysofsummer?

*This is a friendly collaboration with Nivea, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.