Lipstick Kisses

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So I've always been a die hard M.A.C fan, the sleek packaging, great quality and long lasting wear, particularly in the lipsticks. Because I have pretty small lips I tend to go for really matte lipstick, for some reason I feel they give a lot more depth and make them look a little fuller. I do use a lipliner most of the time and maybe I colour a little outside of the lines sometimes, but whats a little lipped girl guna do? M.A.C lipsticks last for so long, hour can pass and you won't need to reapply, I've often woken up the morning after with near perfect lipstick (and everything else a total mess.) But recently I discovered Sephoras matte lipstick range, and I think I may be switching sides... It's just as good as M.A.C without the slightly costly price tag. I love the packaging again, and it has the colour at the bottom, unlike with M.A.C which just has the names, and on a few of mine its worn off! The colours are striking and the perfect matte, the pigment is so strong and they last forever. I do love Sephora, and seeing as we don't have it here in Ireland it's all part of the holiday feeling to go into a Sephora store! Long story short, I'll always be a M.A.C lipstick girl, but Sephora's line may be stealing my heart.